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Here's a few videos for your education.  If you're starting beekeeping, this is an excellent place to spend some time, understanding some beekeeping history, why treatment-free beekeeping is done today, and how.  I've linked to these videos before, but I wanted to gather them together in one place so you could have them at your fingertips. 

If you know of videos that you think should be embedded here, please tell me.  I want a rich soil in which your understanding of beekeeping can grow.

Laurie "Ramona" Herboldsheimer's Presentation on Hive Microbiology Featuring Dean Stiglitz

This is an excellent presentation that outlines the dangers to the microbial superorganism present in the honeybee colony by the use of antibiotics and other chemicals.  These chemicals disrupt the natural order of things that balances the varios microbes in the hive.  Dean and Ramona wrote the book "Complete Idiots Guide to Beekeeping" which I heartily recommend for the beginner.  Unlike other beginners' beekeeping books, it presents beekeeping through the treatment-free paradigm.

Skep Beekeeping the Heathland, Lower Saxony

I love these videos as they reveal a rarely seen mode of historical beekeeping, skep beekeeping.  Very few if any bees are kept this way in the United States primarily due to the fact that we have more utilitarian equipment and also because virtually all beekeeping laws require movable frames.  But this is a fantastic look into how bees were kept for thousands of years.  Notice things that are ultimately detrimental to modern beekeeping, like the propogation of swarmy bees and the necessity of the distruction of the hive to harvest.  It's also good that many of us are beginning to eschew sugar and feeding.

The Sustainable Apiary by Michael Palmer

Though Mike Palmer is not treatment-free, I have adapted some of the methods in these videos and rolled them into my Expansion Model Beekeeping.  This is an excellent tutorial on using nucs to vastly increase the efficiency of your operation.

Mike Palmer 4/2011 The Sustainable Apiary Part 1 of 2 from PWRBA (Prince William Regional B on Vimeo.

Mike Palmer2 4/2011- The Sustainable Apiary Part 2 of 2 from PWRBA (Prince William Regional B on Vimeo.

Videos by Dean Stiglitz