Disclaimer:  I don't sell things I don't have in hand.  I am not in the habit of taking money for future bees.  I will take a few reservations and when I have them available, I will contact the customers.  If there are more available, I will post them here.  I don't want to get anywhere near the trap of promising something to a customer and then not delivering.  No promises!

Available Right Now:

  • Honey for sale, @ $25 per quart and $15 per pint.

All Products Subject to Availability:

Treatment-Free Small Cell Survivor Queens   $40

  • Local (Southern Oregon) survivor queens.
  • 100% treatment-free.
  • Some overwintered queens available at times.  They are proven survivors.
  • Allowed to lay for at least three weeks before caged. 
  • Cell builder hives fed only on honey when the queens were being grown.  Makes for strong well developed queens.

Treatment-Free Small Cell 5-Frame Deep Nucleus Hives   $150, +$10 cardboard nuc or bring your own box.

  • Queens the same as above.
  • 5-frame deep nucs. 
  • Mediums available soon.
  • Mixture of wooden and plastic frames, foundation and foundationless.  Any foundation is small cell.  Plastic frames are small cell PF-105's or PF-120's from Mann Lake Ltd.
  • With deposit, provided in a quality painted plywood nuc with a disc entrance for safe transportation.  Deposit ($30) refunded if the box is returned within 30 days.

Treatment-Free Wax   $6/lb.

  • Wax from my treatment-free hives.
  • Primarily solar processed.
  • Completely treatment free.  I have never added any chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, acids, or essential oils to any of my hives.
  • Fantastic deal if you would buy wax from somewhere like Hobby Lobby which sells it for three times the price.
  • Naturally colored.  Probably a little darker that what you may be accustomed to seeing.
  • 14 lbs. ships to anywhere in the US or Canada for $110.


  • I'm currently looking for local places to put hives semi-permenantly to gather nectar from and pollinate the countryside. 
  • Please contact me if you have any information on locations.
  • It's free pollination.
  • All I need is relatively secure unbothered locations to which I have easy access.