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What's on this page?

My name is Solomon Parker and I am available for speaking engagements at your local beekeeping meeting or conference.  Following you will find all the relevant information you need to book me for your event, including a bio and some pictures you can use to promote it.  After that you can see what dates have already been booked and when I'm available.

When you've made your decision, you can contact me through Facebook, the Contact link to the left, or by email at solomon w parker at gmail dot com.

"Solomon Parker is committed to educating new beekeepers who choose the treatment-free path.  He is the creator of the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast and the founder of the Treatment-Free Beekeepers' Facebook group which now has over 14,000 members.  He has been keeping bees treatment-free since he started in 2003 and he lives in Medford, Oregon where he was born and raised, with his wife and children and bees."

Solomon Parker

I am not doing this for the money, but I have put a lot of work into this and I do need to be compensated for my time and effort.  To save your club or organization money, I am happy to stay with a member rather than in a hotel.  I'm also happy to ride for several hours in a car if you want to save money by picking me up at a more distant airport.

Talks and presentations are expected to be around 45 minutes to an hour plus unlimited question and answer.  I have never gone under time.
Basic Fee:  $250 plus travel expenses and food.
Multiple Talks: $300 plus travel expenses and food.
Skype Talks: $100

I will book flights or you can, but if I do, please send me the money as soon as possible, I'd rather not carry that debt on my credit card for months.  If it would be easier or cheaper to drive, I would be happy to do that, to be reimbursed at the standard federal rate.  I'm happy to drive anywhere in about a 12 hour radius of Medford, Oregon.  Further than that and it's probably cheaper to fly.

I accept payment in the form of cash, check,
card, or PayPal.

Talks Catalog

Choose from among these talks for your group or event.

In order from “General Education” to “Highly Esoteric”

Let them Die - The Case for Doing it the Hard Way
An exploration for the reasoning behind keeping bees treatment-free.

How to Start Beekeeping Treatment-Free
There have been so many people attempt to start beekeeping without the proper knowledge or the benefit of mentor experience, and this is even more important in treatment-free beekeeping.  Learn what to do and what not to do in your first and second years of beekeeping.

Pick Your Hive - Deciding Which Box to Check
Make an informed decision as to what type of hive best fits you and your goals as a beekeeper.

Swarm Trapping - The Treatment-Free Beekeeper's Free Treatment-Free Bees
Learn the reasons why swarm trapping is so important, why it is a great source of free bees, and more importantly, how to do it.  Find out the tips and tricks for being the most successful swarm trapper you can be.

Easy Breeding and Expansion Methods
Think breeding and splitting is hard?  It really isn’t.  Learn some easy ways to increase the size of your apiary so that you can be well ahead of losses you may experience in the future.

Expansion Model Beekeeping
A new (or old) model of beekeeping wherein the point is to operate as though you need more hives, rather than the conventional model of attempting to keep a set number of hives.  Then rather than trying to catch up after losses, you'll be trying to figure out what to do with the extra bees.

Hostile Questions
Have you ever been questioned or debated in a hostile fashion by a beekeeper who thinks not treating is dangerous and spreads disease?  Let’s talk about some of those questions and how to answer them in a way that is reasonable and maybe even persuasive.

Small Cell Beekeeping
A thorough explanation of the theory and practice of small cell beekeeping from the origins of natural cell size to today’s stories of success and failure.

My Life Among the Bee(keepers)
This is an adult themed and adult language one man show about my experiences in 'coming up' treatment free, the joys, the pains, the trolls, the friends.  It's not about beekeeping so much as about beekeepers.  Hopefully you'll get a good laugh.  I sure have.  Contains adult language and adult themes.

A future talk for your event could be here:
If there's a topic I don't have a prepared talk on, just request it for your event and I will create it at no extra charge.

Here is a list of my upcoming (and past) events.

Host Event
Entrance Fee
4:00 PM
Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association
Mouzon UMC Charlotte NC
Let Them Die (Skype)

1:00 PM

Dee Lusby
Organically Managed Beekeeping Conference Triangle Y Ranch Camp, Oracle, AZ
Swarm Trapping
Shenandoah Valley Beekeeper's Association
Annual All Day Seminar
Blue Ridge Community College, Weyer's Cave, VA
Let Them Die,
Expansion Model Beekeeping,
Easy Breeding,
Swarm Trapping,
Small Cell

Marathon County Beekeeper's Association
Northcentral Technical College Health Science Center, Wausau WI Let Them Die,
Expansion Model Beekeeping
5:00 PM

5:00 PM
Northeast Oklahoma Beekeeper's Association
Big Bee Buzz
6910 S 101st East Ave
Tulsa OK 74133
Let Them Die,
Getting Started,
Easy Breeding,
Pick Your Hive
1:00 PM
Bee Natural Caretakers
Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Pickering, Ontario