Swarm Traps and Bait Boxes

What's on this page?

  • What are swarms really?
  • Why should I want a swarm trap on my property?
  • What is it?
  • How do we do this?

What are swarms really?

Every year most honeybee colonies swarm. This is the process by which the queen of the colony leaves with about half the workers and flies out into the world to found a new colony at a new location. The colony will find a place, usually in a tree, to cluster.  This cluster will send out scout bees to search for new possible homes.  The scouts will return and try to convince the rest of the colony which is the best of the prospective homes.

Honeybee swarm
By Mark Osgatharp - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16296620

Why should I want a swarm trap on my property?
Unfortunately, if you do not have your home or outbuildings properly sealed, they may move into a place that you do not appreciate, causing an expensive ethical removal or heaven forbid, an extermination.

This is your chance to help the bees if you don't want to become a beekeeper.  What bees are really suffering from in this world is lack of forage and lack of habitat.  Every year, more and more hollow trees in which they live are cut down or fall down, especially in populated areas.  Many people want to "help the bees" but when the bees are found, they just want to get rid of them.  The only realistic way to "help the bees" or "save the bees" is by giving them a place to live and planting flowers so they can eat.  While I recommend planting flowers, I'm here to help provide the homes.

You get to be the shepherd of this process, protect your property, help save the bees, and best of all, it's free.

What is it?
A swarm trap (not actually a trap) is a box specially designed to be extremely attractive to swarms and so chances are they'll move into the box rather than your eave or wall or chimney. Once that happens, I simply move the colony to another location where they can make honey and do all the other things bees do.  The box is actually a well secured bee hive with a pheromone lure inside to attract the scout bees.  It is unobtrusive, about the size of a small microwave oven and can be placed up in a tree out of the way, set on the edge or corner of a deck or patio, or on the ground in an out of the way place.

How do we do this?
How it works: It's very simple. You call or email or Facebook me (info on my Contact Page), express your interest in a swarm trap, and we'll discuss where to put it, a tree, deck, or roof area will work. Then we wait. When you see a bunch of bees coming and going from the box, call me and I'll come pick it up. The number is even on the box.

It's fun, kinda like fishing, only you get to help save a species that is so important to our food supply and ecosystem.  Like fishing, the chances of catching a swarm are the same as casting a lure into a river.  The chances of catching a fish are based on the lure, the fishing hole, the number of fish in the hole, and whether or not they are hungry.  Some locations will catch a swarm almost every year with poor bait.  Some locations will never catch a swarm even with the best bait.

Swarm traps are in limited supply so call to get yours today. Swarm season starts in March, so make sure you get one in place before then. Think there are no swarms in your area? Absolutely there are. Last year, I caught three of them on my back porch within Medford City limits. They can travel for miles until they find the right home.

Am I close enough to you?
I serve all of Jackson and Josephine Counties.